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Trading in individual corporate bonds, the so called cash market, is yet to get going this morning but there have been some sizeable moves in the indices where fast buying and selling tends to be concentrated. The yen climbed to below Y100 to the dollar, a rise of more than 4 per cent and hitting a psychologically significant level that was last reached in November 2013. Japan has refrained from intervening to weaken the yen, under pressure from the US government which has argued all the year that the yen8217s appreciation has been 8220orderly8221. But market analysts predict the turmoil caused by Brexit will give Tokyo reason to argue that the yen8217s appreciation to below Y100 is now a 8220disorderly8221 market event, giving the government reason to intervene.

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All of the political leaders will have to reflect on whether they have accurately gauged the people8217s attitudes and the people8217s desire of how to govern themselves. People living outside London but working there would be given special employment passes. The British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path and I think the country requires fresh leadership to take in this direction. It is now incumbent on all of us to be kryptowährung branchen oder themen übersicht very calm, remember our responsibilities to the future of the United Kingdom and work together to start a process 8211 because this is simply the beginning of the process. Marine Le Pen, the leader of anti-Euro, anti-immigration party posted the Banner on her Twitter account, saying: 8220Victory of freedom As I have asked for years, we need now the same referendum in France and in the EU country.8221 8220The European Union is collapsing and it8217s a very good thing8221 Florian Philippot, FN vice president, said on the radio.

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The DAX futures index, representing options on Germany8217s leading companies, fell almost 11 per cent soon after opening to 9,164. The Frankfurt stock exchange will open in under thirty minutes. As the leading UK building society, and as one of safest and strongest financial services organisations in the country, the direct impact of the vote to leave the EU on Nationwide will be limited, and in the immediate and short-term nothing will change. The FT8217s Sarah Gordon wrote at the end of May of 51 chairman and chief executives of Europes leading multinational companies warning of the negative consequences of a British exit from the EU, for the rest of Europe as well as the UK.

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Businesses also face potentially increased immigration regulation both in the short and long term and should start to kryptowährung frank velden plan accordingly. Mr Greetham, who invests across asset classes, was yet to put in buy orders on Friday but said that his instinct was to buy UK equities, which in US dollar terms were facing a decline of 15 to 20 per cent, given the nature of markets is to overreact in the short term. The Secretary kryptowährungen börse General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg has put out what you might call a calm-down statement: As it defines the next chapter in its relationship with the EU, I know that the United Kingdom8217s position in NATO will remain unchanged.

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French president Francois Hollande has said the Brexit vote was 8220painful choice8221 that he 8220deeply8221 regretted and that put the EU 8220gravely8221 to the test, reports FT8217s Paris bureau chief, Anne-Sylvaine Chassany . Sterling is getting clobbered all over the FX shop, reports Roger Blitz . 8220Let8217s get rid of the flag, the anthem of Brussels and all that has gone wrong.8221 This the take on currency markets from FastFT8217s Katie Martin : Markets are hitting the ejector button.

This was a cross community vote in favour of remaining in the EU. The FT8217s head of data visualisation, Alan Smith, has this on how the vote divided the nation. There will be at least a period of two years before an actual exit takes place, so there will be time to implement any changes required to adjust our business to the new environment.

With the expected timescales for the negotiations, the Group will have time to consider any future changes that may be required in the new environment. Not right to rush before discussion have been held, but 8220we will begin to prepare legislation that would be required for a new Scottish referendum to be held8221 3) London mayor Sadiq Khan apparently shares this ambition according to Sturgeon (London also voted overwhelmingly for remain). The institutions will play their full role in this endeavour.

If EU citizens cannot come here to study MBAs as easily, there will be fewer good people for banks to hire8221 Jo, a 35 year old Moroccan added: 8220it will definitely slow the flow of people to the City8221 However, not everyone in San Franzisko is depressed by the vote. Cookson spoke to Mike Thompson, chief executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, who said: 8220Inward investment stopped about three months ago because of uncertainty about the referendum.8221 8220We have to be realistic now and accept that people will not invest here until we do something different,8221 Thompson added.

Today, as we face more instability and uncertainty, NATO is more important than ever as a platform for cooperation among European Allies, and between Europe and North America. 8220There8217s quite a lot of shock and consternation8221, he said. One of the biggest deals seen likely to be affected by a Brexit vote was the proposed merger between Deutsche Brse and the London Stock Exchange . A technical explanation is that macro hedge fund managers have had a bad year so far, and may have been desperate to jump the gun, rather than let someone else reap the profits when a Remain victory was announced.

The Swiss franc is up 1.8 per cent against the euro to levels that will sit uncomfortably with the Swiss National Bank. Sometimes it really is better to sit on your hands and do nothing, said one hedge funder. But one man who must be grinning like a Cheshire cat is Crispin Odey, prominent OUTer and with a portfolio perfectly poised for this. We have done it without a bullet being fired8230 We have done it with damned hard work on the ground.

However, president Hollande also vowed to continue to work with the UK, 8220this great country and friend8221 on security, trade and culture. Although it is widely expected that grandfathering will occur, whereby existing EU migrants would be able to continue to live and work in the UK, it is still unknown what transitional arrangements, if any, will be made.

Conservatives, Andrew Cook. Mr Cook manufactures steel in Sheffield, and is not happy. We are bound together by history, geography and common interests and will develop our cooperation on this basis. And he expects the negotiations to be bloody: Why should they treat a country that has given them such a kick in the teeth generously Yes, Germany has a trade surplus with the UK. The two exchanges added that they were in 8220ongoing and constructive dialogue with the appropriate UK and German governments and lead regulators, including the Bank of England, FCA, BaFin and the government of Hesse, to discuss the merger, including the referendum outcome, as well as all other relevant governments, regulators and authorities in France, Italy and other countries in which we operate.8221 David Cameron has said he will step down as prime minister after a 8220period of stability8221.

Japan8217s Nikkei 225 is down 1,286 points, or almost 8 The CAC 40, in France, is down about 370 points, again 8 Germany8217s Dax 30 has fallen 690 points, almost 7 As for the US markets, they obviously are not open yet but the futures markest suggest the SampP 500 index should open at 2040, down 3.5. So Mr Wilson has a point: with the FTSE down 5, most of these overseas markets are taking it worse. Lloyds Bank is one of the shares hit hardest in early trading, down some 30 per cent in the first few minutes after the open.

As it stands the BBC is reporting that Leave has a lead of 53 per cent after 30 results, and has just topped a million votes (1,038,777 to be exact). The FT8217s South Asia bureau chief Amy Kazmin reports that Arun Jaitley, the Indian finance minister, has said the country is 8220braced8221 for more volatility.

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